IT Education Center (ITEC) is a registered non-profit making organization, initiated by Former Chinese University of Hong Kong Professor Kan Wing Kay.

  • Its aim is to unite governments, institutions, teachers, young students, IT professionals and entrepreneurs, all forces together to promote information technology education and to have sustainable development.


  • Its target is committed to designing innovative IT solutions to serve in educational sector, providing quality IT training courses and activities to stimulate students' creative thinking in order to upgrading the quality of education.

ITEC is now one of the developers of E-Textbook Market Development Scheme (EMADS) launched by the Education Bureau (EDB) of the Government of HKSAR, to help Hong Kong establish a new, healthy, diverse and sustainable electronic textbook market. Chairman of HKITEC is also the HK E-Textbook Association (EMADS Alliance) convener.

ITEC also provides different levels of quality IT training courses and tailor-made IT training courses and hosting various types of lectures, seminars, visits and educational activities and activities for schools/organizations. For example, we organized Youth IT Summer Camp to student leaders and IT training day camp activities for young people to take part at the University, and unanimously praised by the participants and their parents.

Organized by ITEC, the "Youth IT Leader Awards" planning to set up gold, silver and bronze rewards to young people in Hong Kong for studying information technology, applying their knowledge and using of information technology to serve in the community; developing lifelong learning for young people and the appropriate IT practice to set an example.

Quality Training ● Creative Thinking