E-Textbooks of Computer Literacy at Key Stage 3

(i.e. Junior Secondary) Chinese Version

Phase 2 of E-Textbooks of Market Development Scheme (EMADS II)

In recent years, the Government of HKSAR is committed to the promotion of IT in education. Teachers and students have become more accustomed to the use of IT both inside and outside the classroom, learning and teaching mode therefore has been changed because of the emergence of e-learning.

The Education Bureau (EDB) of the Government in June 2012 launched the first phase of E-Textbooks of Market Development Scheme (EMADS), aims to assist and encourage potential and interested developers developing various kinds of local e-textbooks.

IT Education Center (ITEC) is now one of the developers of E-Textbooks Market Development Scheme (EMADS) launched by EDB of the Government.

To better understand the current situation of Hong Kong secondary schools in offering computer literacy and their teachers' expectations, we have designed a tailor-made questionnaire to those teachers in early 2014, has collected most hands-on information to meet the needs of the schools in the development of our e-textbooks.

The main objectives of the series of our Computer Literacy are:

  • 1.provide the latest information to meet today's fast changing world
  • 2.latest written content so that students can better grasp the important computer concepts, and gain practical experience in the use of computer applications
  • 3.by providing a rich and diverse types of teaching resources to help teachers teaching more efficiently
  • 4.add more interactive activities (flip class) so that students can familiarize themselves with skills learned